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Dr. Christie Hafer


Dr. Jeremai Hafer


Dr. Christie is a health and adventure enthusiast. She loves kids and is passionate about making sure every child knows they can do and accomplish anything, and that they are capable of living their best life.

The world is full of nay-sayers. Kids are too impressionable to allow that in their little minds. Let them be little. Let their imagination run wild, and their body be free and strong.

Dr. Christie changed her focus from athletes to children after her child was struggling neurologically. His torment sent her on a mission for answers. She found help from The Pediatric Experience Training Certificate, and has since watched not only her own son, but thousands of children’s lives change. Parents find hope for their child when they feel like there is none left.

Dr. Jeremai Hafer is a Family Wellness Chiropractor. He started his health journey into chiropractic after a life-changing neck injury in a football game. After receiving a poor prognosis, a chiropractor changed his life. Jeremai uses his heart-filled drive to advocate for anyone who feels lost and hopeless in their health. He uses his back ground in bio-mechanics and functional neurology as a “whole person approach.” Adjustments optimize the conditions for normal function in your body to help you restore healing, and accelerate your journey to good health.

Dr. Isaac Rice


Dr. Isaac knew from a young age that working with people in healthcare setting was something he was called to do. Being part of a family who embraced the chiropractic lifestyle gave him the outlook that health comes from within. It wasn’t until chiropractic changed his sister’s trajectory and helped her body heal itself from a lifelong struggle with a multitude of allergies that he realized that chiropractic was the way to serve people in a way that would restore their health from the inside out.

Watching his sister navigate through her health challenges gave Dr. Isaac the understanding of how one child’s health impacts a whole family. Ultimately he chose to working in an office focused on serving families experiencing similar health challenges. Prior to graduation he did an intensive training process focused on pediatric chiropractic from a neurological perspective in order to best serve kids and families like his own.

As a midwestern transplant to the treasure valley, Dr. Isaac is always finding new places to explore. When not in the office he enjoys everything from biking the green belt, kayaking, or planning a hiking trip to see the best of what Idaho has to offer.

Dr. Emily Eaton


Dr. Emily has recently moved to the Treasure Valley with her husband and two kiddos from the Chicagoland area.

She started working as a chiropractic assistant when she was 15 and fell in love with all that Chiropractic had to offer. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and covered various athletic events ranging from the professional level to youth sports.

Furthering her education and embracing her passion, she attended National University and earned her degree of Doctor of Chiropractic. She is excited to join Purpose Driven’s already amazing team to help their practice members reach their full potential!

Our Team Members



Brynn’s health journey to self-healing landed her as a patient at PDC and then a team member. Brynn has a contagious smile, aesthetic eye, and a mind for graphics, computers, and all things health.



Kendra is one of the first faces you will see when you enter the doors of Purpose Driven Chiropractic. Her warm smile, and genuine care for your day and life, will put you right at ease. Kendra’s life and personality is a bit of a magical paradise. She is always smiling, optimistic, and has the most positive energy. She also loves to travel, paddle board, yoga, hike, dance, and keep up with her 3 kids and their sports activities.



Krysta and her family have recently moved to the Treasure Valley area. She loves exploring the city, meeting new people and visiting new places. She loves hanging out with her amazing family and friends. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, discovering the best parks and playgrounds.

In her free time, she likes to find a great local farmer’s market, work on home projects, and discover the many beauties of Idaho. She feels very blessed and excited to be a part of the PDC family, and helping people live their best lives.

PS. She loves spending time with her very special Aunt. Stop by the front desk and ask about her 🤣😁



Jeana has a true passion for whole-person wellness, and is thrilled to join the PDC Team. 

She geeks out on spreadsheets and technology behind the scenes, to help systems function smoothly and efficiently for patients and the team.

Jeana was born and raised here in Idaho. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring the mountains, playing in the water, camping and traveling with her person (Aaron) and hanging with their dog (Cash).



Lauryn and her husband, Grant, moved to the Treasure Valley spring of 2022 and have loved it since. She has always had a huge heart for people and serving them. 

Her favorite part of working at PDC is getting to love on patients and be by their side as they walk through their health journey.

In her free time, she enjoys going outside, traveling, reading, finding the perfect coffee shop, and hanging out with Grant and their puppy Maverick.


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Are you looking to make an impact in the world?

Sick of holding a “job” that doesn’t fulfill you, or help you become a better person?

We aren’t your ordinary 9-5 “job”. We are a family, set out to make a difference in this world.

Now, more than ever, our health is crucial. The truth is crucial, and freedom is crucial. Our faith-based, family-run business is growing, and ready for more team members. We need people like YOU, who are sick of medical tyranny, want to see the true healing power of the human body, AND know that health doesn’t come in a pill bottle, under a mask, or in a needle.

We are a Family Wellness Practice with a voice for the truth, and a candle of hope. There are struggling families who are riddled with stress. They need us to step up for them, guide them on a healing journey, and re-discover who they are really meant to be.

This will be the ride of your life. Jump on.

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