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Invest in yourself and your health this year by taking advantage of our $127 New Patient Special (regularly $189) 

Please fill out the form to secure your voucher. 

Voucher includes: 

Consultation , Examination, Cutting Edge Neurological Scans, & a Report of Findings.

Offer expires January 31, 2020.

Our Doctor Team is focused on natural, holistic health and wellness. We help our patients understand how stress can manifest itself physically in the forms of pain, headaches, digestive issues, sleep problems, anxiety and so much more! 

Start your year off right and come in for a New Patient Visit to meet our team and take the first step to healing from the stress of 2020. 

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Why Our Bodies Need Chiropractic Care

Did you know that your body was made with an incredible ability to correct, self-regulate and self-heal — it just needs the best environment to do so. Instead of chasing symptoms, our doctors address the source of issues happening in your body, which are called conditions. Think of your central nervous system like a master control system for your body that works to coordinate function with every other system within you. To work properly, it needs to be disturbance-free. With a unique, advanced examination process, Purpose Driven Chiropractic will identify any areas of stress in the nervous system to guide clinical decision-making.

The doctors at Purpose Driven Chiropractic refer to the causes of nervous system stress as “the three T’s”– thoughts, traumas and toxins, or physical, chemical and emotional stressors. If you have abundant accumulation of any of these forms of stress, they can alter your neurology and generate symptoms that are felt throughout your body in children and adults.

We understand that each patient is different, and want you to know that to us, you’re much more than just a number. With four chiropractors on our team, we’ll use our combined knowledge and expertise to help you.

Learn More About Our Scans

To look through one lens of the nervous system is important but gaining a perspective of the how the adaptive, postural and regulatory nervous system combine to keep a human at their optimal best, is why chiropractic exists! Completing a thorough neurofunctional and structural examination gives such insight into how a patient will succeed under our care.

So, how is neurofunctional testing streamlined in today’s busy practice environment? Simple. Data from three INSiGHT instruments can instantly create a thorough picture of the patient’s neural efficiencies.

  1. It begins with an Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis to look at the overall balance and capacity of the ANS.
  2. This is followed by a surface EMG scan that identifies the areas of wasted postural energy; and finally
  3. Thermographic scanning looks deeper into the spinal nerve centers that regulate the end organs and glands.

All of these non-invasive tests collect their data and compare the results to the ideal, well-adjusted patient data bases.

All of our scans are safe for children and pregnant women.

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