Sensory Workshop

Welcome to the April Sensory vs. Behavior Workshop!

Dr. Christie Hafer

We’re so excited to be hosting you for our Sensory vs. Behavior Workshop! Our team usually prefers to host these in person but we’re making the best of our current situation to still bring education and hope to the parents of Eagle and its surrounding communities!

Our children’s behavior can be concerning when it doesn’t seem ‘normal’ and medically, this can often lead to a diagnosis, medication and a lifelong journey of struggle or frustration. Understanding the causes behind children’s behavior is MUCH more than a simple diagnosis. In this workshop, I’ll explain common signs that a child is under stress and how that can manifest as what most know as ADHD, ADD or Sensory Issues. I’ll also walk you through how stress plays a role in all of it and how natural treatment has the ability to help alleviate that stress. 

Tune in with your family and prepare to be shown a new perspective full of hope! I’m so excited to be part of your journey and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

-Dr. Christie Hafer, Purpose Driven Chiropractic

Sensory vs. Behavior by Dr. Christie

Our Virtual Workshop will begin Thursday, April 16th at 6:45 PM. 

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