Purpose Driven Chiropractic is a family-based health care center that’s full of positive energy. It’s a fun place for all ages, with children around playing and like-minded individuals gathering. We look forward to having you join our practice family!

Your First Phone Call

Our friendly, professional team is here to support you and help you feel right at home, on the phone. We understand you may be new to chiropractic; let us ease you through this friendly process. We know you have questions, and we will answer all that we can. We want to get to know you, and be familiar with you and your child’s needs as quickly as possible. 

This includes collecting details about your current health and possible challenges you are experiencing. To ensure the best experience with our doctors and team, we will schedule your first two visits, and send you our mobile friendly health questionnaire. We know you are busy and may get interrupted, that’s ok; you can save your progress and return when time permits. 

To save you time and energy in the office, please submit this form 24 hours prior to your first visit. This will allow our doctors to review the details, understand your health journey (in written form) and set up further questions for our in-person conversation as a guide to helping you get the best care possible.

We know no one wants to do life alone, and health is often a family-affair. We encourage you to bring anyone involved in your health care along with you to your appointments. There is room for everyone, even toys for the kiddos (unless otherwise discouraged by the CDC during peak outbreaks).

Your First Visit

We are so excited to meet you and/or your child! To ensure we have adequate time to cover all of your needs, please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time. We’ll get a copy of your driver’s license and provide you with one more quick, check-the-box health survey. We promise, this is the last form to help us learn all about you.

Be ready for the friendly smiles. We have a team of 8 that’s going to want to meet you. (Don’t worry, we know this is a lot for a sensory kid and will keep our excitement to a 5 out of 10) 😉

You’ll then meet with your chiropractor to discuss your concerns and talk about your goals. Next, you’ll have 3 scans with our Insight Millennium Scanning Unit to understand which areas of your body are under stress. Please do not drink coffee, take stimulants or perform any exercise in the two hours before your visit for more accurate results. We also ask that you wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Your chiropractor will then take their time to review your scans and determine an individualized course of care for you, which will be discussed at your report of findings.

Your Second Visit

We’ll be prepared to go over the results from your scans and relate them to your current level of health and provide you with our recommendations for your care. Our financial assistant will answer any questions you have, ensuring you have simple, affordable monthly payment options. If you choose, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment and schedule your future visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my Insurance reimburse me?

A: Likely not, but it may depend on the carrier. Insurance coverage is different in each plan. “Health” Insurance is designed to help with coverage when you are ill or have a condition. Very few insurance plans cover chiropractic care. Just like changing the oil in your car, or paint on your house, not covered by your auto or home insurance, chiropractic tends to be a personal investment that is well worth your time, money, and energy.

Q: What can I expect after my first adjustment?

A: Some individuals are sore after their first adjustment. It is normal to have a neuro-muscular reaction to an adjustment. Just like starting a new exercise program, your body is changing and new muscles and a new neurological firing sequences is being established.

Q:Will I come for the rest of my life?

A: We do not make any lifetime agreements here. Just like exercise and healthy eating, you only receive the benefit when you are choosing to engage in it. Most of our patients find that they have a higher quality of life and receive so much benefit from regular chiropractic care that they chose to make chiropractic care a lifestyle choice.

Q: Do you have a Massage Therapist?

A: We have a Kinesiologist who works with body movement and feedback to the brain. Care with our Kinesiologists is based on doctor recommendation and will include very specific therapy to muscles, joints, or ligaments. 

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