Your brain is what’s responsible for every process that regulates the body. It is the most important and complex organ we have, and it needs to receive the right amount of signals for it to function well. 

Afferentation is what you call the input of sensory information to the brain. Dysafferentation, on the other hand, means that there is abnormality. Dys- is a prefix that means difficulty or abnormality. 

Our brain needs information to function. 

The information that the brain needs comes in forms of chemical and electrical signals that circulate throughout the body. Each signal is interpreted by your brain to control the process that it is for. 

When there is dysafferentation, the brain is not receiving the right amount of information, abnormal signaling. There is an abnormality in the way that the signals your brain needs is transmitted throughout the body and that will trigger the brain to begin doing guesswork. 

Without the right amount of good proprioceptive feedback, your brain will begin filling in the blanks. It will utilize what is available and when that happens, it gets filled with what we call nociception or noise. 

The brain can only handle so much noise before it starts making errors. 

The brain doesn’t want to make mistakes, but just like any other organ in the human body, the brain has its limits too. It can only function for so long without receiving the right amount of information to process before it starts failing to do what it’s supposed to do. 

The brain is such a wonderful organ that even if it is only performing at 80%, it will still do a fantastic job in controlling every cell, organ, and gland in your body. However, if it falls beneath that threshold, we begin to see a lot more of the effects of the subluxation and these are neurological effects that are vital to the way your whole body functions. 

When it starts to have a subluxation set in, a lot of things stop doing what they are supposed to be doing, resulting in dyskinesia and dysafferentation. 

We can help you overcome the subluxation and avoid dyskinesia and dysafferentation from affecting the way your body functions. 

Your health is our priority and when it is something that has a huge effect on your brain, it is something that we address quickly. If you feel like you are experiencing dyskinesia or dysafferentation in any way, come see us and we’ll help you remove them so your body no longer has to deal with them!