Dysautonomia: The third D in subluxation

Subluxation is neurological interference between our brain and body. It means there is stress “stuck” in the communication highway between our brain and body, causing subsequent interference and disturbances to brain-body signaling. Spinal subluxations can affect the health of the body in varying degrees, and in varying body systems. They are fed by the three T’s – thoughts, traumas, and toxins, or (Emotional, physical, or Chemical Stressors).

One of the D’s that result from subluxation is Dysautonomia. Dysautonomia is an umbrella term that’s used to describe the different health conditions that affect our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Typically Dysautonmia follows the first two D’s in the depth or chronicity of the stress cycle your body may be experiencing. When the brain isn’t fed well, through dys-kinesia (remember the brain is largely fed by movement and proprioception), we find the 2nd D- Dys-afferentation sets in, which is abnormal signaling to the brain. When the brain is receiving too many stress signals (nociception) and not enough calming signals (proprioception), it can lead to our 3rd D, Dysautonomia (abnormal ANS function).

What is the ANS? 

The ANS or the Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for controlling and regulating involuntary functions of our body such as blood pressure, heartbeat, digestion, breathing, kidney function, hormones, and body temperature.

It functions by receiving information from our internal and external environment. When the perceived information is stressed, interfered with, or altered (ie subluxated), we begin to see the effects on parts of our body that we don’t have control over. 

What happens when there’s Dysautonomia? 

Dysautonomia is the dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system. It is a condition that affects everything that’s on autopilot inside our body, that’s why we see its effects such as digestive interference, hormonal regulation, immune challenges, amongst other compromises. 

Since it is affecting involuntary functions, the symptoms we see are from those areas of the body too. There’s an overstimulated or under-stimulated immune and endocrine system, along with hormone cycles that are suddenly thrown off.

There’s a solution for every dysfunction.

If you feel like you or a loved one is living with any of the dysfunctions we’re talking about – may it be dyskinesia, dysafferentation, or dysautonomia, there is no reason to be afraid. Talk to a Health Care Provider who understands and supports natural healing, and knows that the body is able to self-heal and self-regulate when put in the proper environment. 

There are ways to measure and remove subluxations to allow the body to restore proper function. We see miracles happen every day. 

Stay healthy,

Purpose Driven Chiropractic

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